I was too surprised about almost every one in this group got negative feeling with Ms K to do any reaction at meeting time. Actually, I do not really have many suggestions on her teaching. The only one thing I focused on was the presentation time menagement. If classmates want teacher give us more business knowledge, each group has to control their time, and let teacher have more time to teach. If we do not like the way she teaches, just communicate with her. She is very open-minded. It is good for us to talk about that in class, otherwise she will never know that.

Actually, I think she just teach Business Englisn in her style. For example, some people may think to know what happened about the US presidant election is useless. However, no matter who will be elected, will we know anything about the candidate if we did not discuss that in class? Will we know their background without seeing the interview vedio? There are many different ways to learn Business English, not only in the textbook. I am happy with knowing that and I will understand some reasons when I see the US presidant's dicisions. I can say that I did not even know McCain's name before the class.

I did not fell good that several classmates badly criticized Ms K. They talked a lot about what she "should" teach us, and also said she did not prepared well for class. One of them got the information from her senior without considering it by herself. Are u an adult? Cannot u judge that by urself? Did u really learn nothing from presentation? Is presentation not one part of Business English? Does to know something else means to learn nothing? I agree to reduce the time we spend on portfolios, and to have something more about business from Ms K's experience. It would be even better for all of us. However, it was really bad to say someone like that.

I think it is her fate to be selected as the one to say the suggestions in class, since she felt that bad in Business English Class. Say it! If u are really dissatisified with what happened in class.

I do not know what will happen tomorrow and I am a little bit worried about that. I hope she can say it politely and it will not hurt Ms K.


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